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Aqua blue ™ - Grand Water Filter

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 "I had no idea how much our shower water was damaging my hair and so my hairstylist told me to try a water softener. This one is easy to install, doesn’t change the water pressure, and doesn’t leave that weird slimy residue that other water softeners do. The best part is that my hair is softer, less fuzzy, and growing faster. You will not be disappointed in this!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rebecca Jones
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Constantly dealing with damaged hair and dry skin can be such a strain over time. Dry skin tends to cause itchiness, irritation, and a tightening discomfort and if ignored can develop into eczema and other various conditions especially if prone to it. Coping with these challenges can conjure feelings of discouragement and even self-consciousness 

Aqua Blue™ is an advanced water filtration system that transforms ordinary tap water into a pure elixir of life. Aqua Blue™ purifies water through a potent combination of sediment filters, activated carbon, and ceramic beads revitalizing and enhancing the skin's natural radiance. Experience the joy of gorgeous healthy hair, rejuvenated skin, and untainted water.


✅ SKIN TRANSFORMATION: Aqua Blue™ showcases remarkable efficiency by restoring and enhancing the skin through redox media, activated carbon, and ceramic beads. Enjoy the amazing transformation and newfound assurance in having healthier hydrated skin.

✅ FULL COMPATIBILITY:  Exemplifying exceptional design, Aqua Blue™ offers seamless integration adaptability to a wide range of shower systems. It can be placed on overhead, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads for versatile home use.

✅ LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE:  By incorporating an internal cartridge Aqua Blue™ provides vitamins A, C, and E that last up to 6 months. The cartridges are affordable and effortlessly replaced without struggle, making maintenance a breeze.

WATER FILTRATION: Aqua Blue™ provides a multi-stage filtration system that effectively removes impurities like chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, and heavy metals. Take pleasure in the confidence of cleaner and healthier water for life.


  1. Run the Aqua Blue™ filter cartridge under the faucet for ~ 20 seconds to flush any excess carbon particles
  2.  Unscrew your showerhead 
  3. Seal connection with included Aqua bLue™ Teflon tape
  4. Insert rubber O-ring at the top of the Aqua Blue™ filter 
  5. Screw + Tighten the Aqua BLue™ filter to the shower arm 
  6. Attach the shower head to the Aqua BLue™ filter 

We recognize the challenges and frustration faced every day from having dry skin. Gazing in the mirror and feeling disconnected from your own skin is an incredibly distressing experience. Study shows that dry skin opens your pores, allowing acne-causing bacteria deeper into your skin.

That is precisely why the amazing Aqua Blue™ water filter is necessary. To ensure confidence by eliminating various chemicals and achieving softer skin and a newfound level of health. Enjoy life to extraordinary heights with Aqua Blue™, the filter that brings smoother skin and peace of mind. 


Material: (ABS)

Temperature range: 4 - 80 (°C)

Working principle: activated carbon

Filter: Composite filter

Filtration accuracy: 1-5 microns

Clean water flow: 8L / min

Working pressure: ≥0.1-0.35MPa

Application: shower, washstand

Water quality function: washing and bathing

Filtration life: 50000L (about 4-6 months)

Removable filter element


1 x Housing

1 x Cartridge

1 x Raw material belt

2 x Sealing ring



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